Monday, July 29, 2013

Last Day of our African Adventure.  We spent the morning at another village in the bush - Kataybi.  We had about 30 children and 20 adults.  We did a skit about the crucifixion and resurrection.  Guess who got to be Jesus?  We did the skit for all the families and sang some praise songs.  Wish you could all hear them sing in their language.  It is beautiful.  Then Amber, Melanie, Kelsey and Jo Anne took the kids into their small church.  We did our bible verse - Proverbs 3:5 and they learned it in English and native language.  We passed out cross necklaces and some candy.  Jabo preached to the adults while we worked with the children.  Again it was hard to say goodbye but we know we have planted some seeds that will continue to grow.

We leave tomorrow and it is hard to believe that our time here is over.  We love the people we have met here and know that even if we don't see them again on earth, we pray that many will greet us in Heaven where our eternal home will be.  Thank you for your prayers and support during our absence and taking care of our loved ones.  We will see you soon.  By the way, Amber has taken over 1,500 pictures and we will post them someday when we find a big enough cloud to hold them. LOL

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 10 of our African Adventure was spent going through a wild life park.  WOW is all we can say and will post a few pictures to share with you.

Day 11 of our African Adventure, July 28    We went to church in the bush at Sekute.  They have a building which is rare in the bush.  They hauled in concrete and made their own cinder blocks to construct the church. We are not talking black top roads but sand and very bumpy. (We have the bruises to prove it) We wish you all could have been there to hear them singing, praising God is their language and dancing in the aisles.  If only we could be that bold in our praise.  Jabo preached (awesome) with an interpreter and again God's word transcends languages.  We were able to purchase some bibles in their languages and gave them to Pastor Enoch.  As 
we were leaving, they have a tradition where the first person out starts a line and each person coming out shakes their hand and then gets in line.  When you are through everyone has shaken the hand everyone.  It was very moving.  We were sad to go.

In the afternoon we went to the orphanage for the last time.  We had brought candy and gifts for everyone.  After our bible study time, we had a blast handing out everything.

  It is hard to believe we are almost through with what God sent us here to do.  Keep those prayers coming, as it is what gets us through each day.
Love and miss you all!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday, July 26, day 9 of our African Adventure
We went back to Sekute School that we had previously been on Mon & Wed.  This would be our last time to see the kids.  We told them the story of Christ's Death, Burial and His Resurrection.  And just as He promised He did return and would again one day.  We have been teaching them to trust God no matter what and in a country like this, that could mean; food, clean water, parents, being HIV negative and everything that we take for granted in America.  We were able to pass out bibles to 6th-9th grade and their teachers.  For those who donated school supplies, we left many items here and they appreciated it so much.

Amber with Sekute 2nd grade.
This afternoon we meet with leaders from  2 different orphanages.   They shared their journey with us and we were able to share about Church Under a Bridge in Tyler.  We had various similarities in victories and frustrations.  But we all said that our God has a purpose for each of our lives and when we listen and follow that path, there is no where else to be. Each of us came away with personal stories we will share with you as we come home.  It has been a surreal experience to be with these people who have such a heart for God.  

Melanie and Kelsey with 5th grade at Sekute.
Tomorrow is a fun day for us as we leave 6am to go to the Wildlife Park where we will finally see wild animals in their natural habitat.  We have seen baboons and a peak at a giraffe so we all are pretty excited.  Will get back late tomorrow night so there will be no post for Sat.  Continue to pray as our work is not done and we can see it won't be done even we return to America.  Love to you all.
Jo Anne teaching 2nd graders
Most of the children at Sekute school playing a game with us.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 8 of our African Adventure - We went back to the Sekute school we had visited on Mon. Had a flat tire in the middle of no where on the sandy road.  Found out we didn't have the correct lug wrench to get the tire off. Can you say "triple A come help?" NO!!!  So God sends another truck on the same road, which usually has no other cars, and they have the correct lug wrench.  God 1, flat tire (Satan trying to prevent us from ministering to the children) 0.  Go GOD!!! All of our lessons have been on Trusting God and did He supply that lesson for us in a big way. 
Did our lesson with the children at the school.  Jo Anne and Amber had the 2nd grade with no teacher which meant no interpreter. But again God's love knows no boundaries even language.  Melanie and Kelsey did 5th grade and Jaybo and Janet (our host) took 6 & 7th grade. 
Next, we went to one of the pastor's home where his wife had cooked (over an open fire) lunch for us.  It was an experience we will never forget.  They were the most gracious hosts. 
Then we went back to the village where these children have stolen our hearts.  We had taken individual pictures of the children and put them in a frame.  After our bible story, we gave them the picture and a bag that had underwear and some toys.  It was Christmas in July.  It was hard to leave as this was the last time we would see them. Hugs and tears were plentiful.
We feel your prayers as the days are long and being tired is always on the agenda.  BUT OUR GOD supplies all our needs and gives us just what we need to "get ur done" We love and miss you all.
Amber teaching at the school.
Melanie getting the children at the village to come to bible study

Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday, July 22 of our Africa Adventure-We went to a school today in the bush where we did our bible study in the classroom.  What a great idea!!!! Too bad we can't do this in the USA.  They were so excited for us to be there and reach their kids for Christ.  The kids were very shy at first then warmed up to us and we were old friends by the time we left.  They shared a game with us that was similar to "duck, duck, goose" but involved throwing a shoe.  Glad it was a flip flop.
We left there and had a picnic in the bush.  Very relaxing.
Our next stop was the village that we had visited before so the kids were very excited to have us back.  Having to have everything translated is hard but it is always easy to translate God's love.  That has no boundaries.  
Continue to pray for us as we continue our ministry here.

Sekute school - 2nd grade
Sekute school playing with kids
Mahelituna Village Bible Study

Kelsey is in the right place with all these children.  They love her!!!!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday, July 21

Today is Sunday and we went to church in one of the villages.  They had a small congregation but were so welcoming and friendly.  Lots of women and children but few men.  That is the same problem in America.  They sang songs and then gave testimonies about different healings that had occurred.   Jaybo preached with an interpreter.  As always, God spoke through him.
Then we were asked to pray over a women who was sick and a little boy who had something wrong with his fingers.  God will finish the work we started here.

We had a lazy afternoon and went to one of the curio markets.  Lots of beautiful stuff.  We spent the evening getting ready for a very busy week.  We will do 2 VBS each day along with finding time to visit homes.  

Again, please continue to pray that God will work through us to reach this part of the world for His kingdom.  AIDS is rampant in this area and there is lots of hopelessness.  

Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 20  day 3 of our adventure.  Yesterday we went to a small village and had an small group of kids that we sang songs with, played games and just had a ball.  One of the ladies showed us her home and we can't describe it but will send pictures.  They are a gracious people who have welcomed us with open arms.
Last night we finished our training on healing as an evangelism tool.

Today we went out with a local church to invite people to their church and to pray for the sick.  Again they welcomed us in their homes.  In the afternoon, we went to an orphanage and gave our first bible study to group of 45 kids.  Fun was had by all.  The director gave us a tour and it is amazing how all the children work together to have this amazing place they call home.  

Trying to add pictures; hope they come through.  Continue to pray for us as we feel your presence every minute. 

In His Grace and love.